• Explore a massive screen-to-screen platform game featuring innovative graphics the likes of which have rarely been seen on the Atari 2600!
  • Discover and play several different old-school-style Sideshows (mini games) while exploring the moving convoys.
  • More than a dozen tools / game elements can be collected and used from your interactive, pop-up INVENTORY PANEL.
  • The STATUS screen shows the start-to-finish elapsed game timer for the speed runners among us.
  • Every game ROM is numbered with a unique serial number and other cryptographic features that ensure the sanctity of each collectible copy of the game.
The game contains no hardware acceleration, and uses no technology that was not available at the time of Pitfall!™ or Keystone Kapers™.
  • There is no more “take a picture of the screen to submit your high score.” In a first for the Atari 2600, a QR code is displayed on the game screen to transmit your scores to our servers.
  • Game owners can register their copy of the game on our servers (also using a QR code) and access our worldwide high score boards.


  • John Hardie
    Director, National Videogame Museum

    Legendary game creators David Crane and Garry Kitchen have once again broken the mold for 2600 game design. CIRCUS CONVOY™ takes the platform exploration genre to a whole new level - all while only using early 80's technology. Grab your peanuts and cotton candy and get ready for an amazingly addictive show that will keep you coming back for more!

  • James Earl O'Brien
    Host of ZeroPage Homebrew

    CIRCUS CONVOY™, the expansive adventure from renowned game developers David Crane and Garry Kitchen, has everything you'd expect from this dynamic duo, complete with fun nods to their previous hits! Returning to their roots with this brand new Atari 2600 platformer, you'll jump, shoot, climb, duck, fly and puzzle your way through a massive variety of stunningly designed screens. This is original retro gaming at its finest!!