Using collected objects

Your inventory panel is scrolled up from the bottom of the screen by pressing FIRE while holding JOYSTICK DOWN. The Inventory panel is dismissed with JOYSTICK UP or by selecting an item.

The number of each item in inventory is indicated by a bar / dot graph beneath each icon. Move the JOYSTICK left or right to select an item; the selected inventory item is shown by an underline cursor below it’s icon. Pressing FIRE while displaying the inventory activates the selected item.

One unit of the active item is removed from inventory and displayed in the top-left corner of the screen. (Click again on the inventory item to return that unit to inventory.)

If there is an active item displayed after resuming the game with the inventory closed, pressing the FIRE button invokes that item, performing its function and using up that one element. Once you are done using an item, it can be discarded with various combinations of JOYSTICK and FIRE button.

Tip: Game elements are sometimes used in combination. For example, you might use one element to get into a place. When you do, make sure you have what you need to get back out.